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Also goes by alaneCN on sites to get around unique nickname crap
I cuss a lot.
They/She || USA || 20 || 5'/152cm || Bi



Server: NA
Joined Game: February 8th, 2013
Favorite Characters: Eve || Ainchase Ishmael

alaneEveCode: UltimateMain
a1an3EveCode: AntithesisMain
MsIlluminatiEveCode: EscenciaMain
AlterasQueenEveCode: SarielMain
AinkaufenAinHerrscherFashion Main
FishmealChungCenturionBackline Main
HomuraVibesNoahNyx PietaBackline Main

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1: Trigger Happy HavocYesLP AnimeYes
2: Goodbye DespairYesLPNo
Another Episode: Ultra Despair GirlsNoLPNo
3: End of Kibougamine Gakuen-Anime-
Gaiden: Killer-Killer--No
V3: Killing HarmonyNoLP-
2.5: Nagito Komaeda & the Destroyer of the World-OVA-
Misc. Light Novels--No
Decadance/Summer CampYes--

Got into Series: December 26th, 2015Musical Tastes:
> Zetsubousei: Hero Chiryouyaku
Favorite Characters:
> Izuru Kamukura
> Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu
> Sonia Nevermind
> Komaru Naegi
> Genocider Sho
> Hiroko Hagakure
> Kaito Momota
> Korekiyo Shinguuji


Got into Series: January 10th, 2019
Favorite Character: Hyakkimaru
Musical Tastes:
Kaen || Dororo || Sayonara Gokko


Series (* Top Tier)Year JoinedFav Character
*Banana Fish2019Ash Lynx
*My Hero Academia2016Fumikage Tokoyami
Closers2018Wolfgang Schneider
The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.2019Aren Kuboyasu
Hypnosis Mic2019Jakurai Jinguji
*Inuyashiki2018Ichiro Inuyashiki
Kingdom Hearts~2016Zexion
*Shaman King~2017Johann Faust VIII
*Sonic the Hedgehog~2012Metal Sonic
*Jojo's Bizarre Adventure2019Joseph Joestar
Uta no Prince-sama2020Ai Mikaze
Fullmetal Alchemist~2018Greed
Cookie Run2021Almond Cookie
*Fate2020Voyager I


Certified in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. (CS6 and CC2015, both)





Status: Active
IGN & ID: alane | 567860400
Server: NA
Favorite Unit: Voyager

NU: Carnival

Status: Active
IGN & ID: alane | 692218659
Invite Code: 98YN53
Favorite Unit: Yakumo

Eshigami no Kizuna

Cookie Run Kingdom

Status: Active
IGN: alane
Server: Hollyberry
Favorite Unit: Eclair Cookie


Status: Inactive
IGN & ID: alane | 131816362
Server: JP
Favorite Unit: Sessyoin Kiara

Grand Chase

Status: Dormant
IGN: alane
Server: Global/West
Favorite Unit: Sieghart

Project Sekai

Status: Dormant
IGN & ID: alane | 162304746877710338
Server: America
Favorite Unit: Kanade Yoisaki

"ON Hold"

Hypmic ARB
AFK Arena
Blue Archive
Genshin Impact
Twisted Wonderland (NA)
Sonic Forces: Speed Battle
Crash Fever
Tower of Fantasy


Kiarara Fantasia
Puzzles & Dragons (JP)
Touken Ranbu (JP)
Shiro Project: RE
Ensemble Stars
Twisted Wonderland (JP)
Uma Musume: Pretty Derby
The Alchemist Code
Epic Seven


Jojo SS
Project: Tokyo Dolls
Jojo PPP
Eshigami no Kizuna
Uta no Prince-sama (EN)

Youtubers + Music Playlist

Sick Beats Bruh Playlist


AlpharadGaming CommentaryMain Deluxevery woke, very cool
AttackingTucansLets PlayAttackingTucans VersusChildhood? Right Here.
Fatguy703Gaming CommentaryFatguy703Book of Mario snatched my wig
IilluminaughtiiTea-Spilling ExtrodinaireMain Bonus ContentQueen
CreamHeroesCat VideosCreamHeroes Kittisaurus Claire LuvcatDD best boi
Michael ReevesChaotic InventorMichael ReevesRacist Elmo best invention
NicoBLets PlayNicoBThanks for Danganronpa hell
RTGameGaming CommentaryRTGameTop Quality Energy
Scott The WozGaming CommentaryScott The WozThe meme potential? astronomical.

Personal Projects

Original Characters

Alternate Universes

The Altera Project

This Entire Thing is a Mess, So I apologize in advance

(to think this graph is only some bare bones, too...)

The Altera Project is a mass-crossover scenario that I have been devising in my head since, bare minimum, 2019. Starting out as an excuse to have certain characters interact that never normally would due to being from different properties, with many of the extra setting details being doors that led to nothing, I ended up revising and revising the original scenario several times over until I reached the modern incarnation, ever expanding into the Infinity of fiction. With the primary setting based on MMO Elsword Online, The Altera Project sets to bring together as many other properties as ive indulged myself in as possible, even only as cameos in order to create a story of saving the expanse of Infinity from the inter-planar threat known as "Henir" originating from the Elsword property.
Infinity is not the full expanse of the story, however. With the release of Deltarune Chapter 2 and a certain sleezy salesman, I indulged myself within the world and characters of Toby Fox. However, those familiar with Undertale and Deltarune know that these stories dabble into the relationship between our reality and the realm of fiction quite closely- to the point where such a thing cant be simply ignored. And so, the second expanse to compensate, "Beyond Infinity", or our reality, was codified into the story alongside other meta elements.

Hello World. Full Generate Mode: Start.

I will take it from here.
I am alane, the specter of imagination-
Wait, this isnt The Altera Project? Woops.
At any rate, this is the page where we will go on about funny B-tier KMMO Elsword Online and all our doings with it.

I have every character in the game Master Classed at the moment.12 Classes were bought (KE/IM/GE/NI/All Eves/Cata/NP/BG/MO)
1 was from a login event (HS)
1 was gifted (OM)
There rest are manually done.
Yes I am aware that I am mentally ill for putting myself through that.Currently im working on reaching Tirnog with my main, CU. It is painful and I'm only at 1.8m CP.

CHARACTER SPREADSHEETB/S/TCurrently serving as an admin for [Seraphic]. Previously affiliated with [RoyalDelight]/[WeOnlyLiveOnline] and [AionMantle].

Welcome to the B/S/T!

Ready to be Shipped | Needs Seal | Needs Hanger and Seal | Can be farmed
Current Seal Count: Unique 6x Elite x1
No Pricing Info is available. Please dm me via discord (@alane#4400) with offers.



Eve's Miracle Alchemist Hair
Noah's Nereid Tidal Sickle


Grandfather Clock Costume Suit


Spring Lolita Weapon (A)


Trump Bunny Waitress Bottom (B)
Surfs Up Bottom (Black)
White Rabbit Top & Gloves (Black & White)
Sweet Dream Bunny Hoodie (Good Morning)
Grandfather Clock Costume Suit
Spring Lolita (A) 5/6 (No Hair; Bonnet Inc)
Idol 6/6 (Both Hairs)
Military Ver. Black


ELS Beach Wear 2.0 Top (A)
Trump Bunny Waitress Shoes (B)


Steampunk Time Traveler 6/6 (A)

Lu & Ciel

Ciel Qipao
Lu Novice Adventurer 5/6 (No Hair)


Oriental Mini Dress Shoes (White)


El'lywood Hair
Chibi Costume Suit


> Sinister Intent Services
> El's Aspiration x3
> Spooky Symbol of Corruption (Elsword)
> Space Life Robot
> Nasod Scouter
> Electrostimulation Field
> Eltrion MK2's Wings (Light)
> Raging Ring of Wind


> Bulk SD & HD Entry Tickets
> Wind Orb (5 Stacks)
> Wedge Fragments
> Sturdy Mithrils
> Magical Crystals
> El's Essence
> Glaciem
> Space Life Table
> Alchemist Adaptation Elixirs and Fighters Potions
> Ruve Herbs (21 stacks)
> Amethystine Prophecy Armor Pieces. Reforge NOT Inc.

Looking For

>HIGH PRIORITY: Ain's ELSTAR Trainee Bottom Piece- Original.
> Interested in most long hairs for male characters.
> Eve IBs.

Is this egotistical? maybe. I'm setting this up anyways.
If youre here that means you asked about buying me something.

Games not covered by the Steam link above

[SWITCH] Pokemon Violet (Scarlet OK, Violet preferred)
[PS2] [JP AND/OR EN] Dororo/Blood Will Tell
[SWITCH] Witch on the Holy Night
[GAMECUBE] Sonic Heroes
[GAMECUBE] Shadow the Hedgehog

Commission Gallery

(I wonder if anyone noticed that I made the landing page icon a link to here, too...)

Artist: Zwui

Artist: Setsu

Artist: Kureha Aren